Billings has never been in a better place, but good is not the same as great. We need to build a community that will attract and retain the young people who are our future.


Bill Cole wants to build the brand of our community.  He wants Billings to be recognized nationally as a city on the move with a quality of life second to none.  Let's not be afraid to dream big dreams for our community, for our children.  Let's be the best we can possibly be and aspire to something great.



Find out more about Bill, his general vision for the community of Billings, and why he wants to start the conversation about our future.  Learn about his community involvement and his priorities and advocacy to help continue the evolution of Billings.

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I am honored to support Bill Cole as the next Mayor of Billings. Bill has a heart for this community and a vision to create a greater level of collaboration to continue to move Billings in the right direction. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Bill’s leadership style up close for the past several years. He will bring people together, listen to opinions and act. We need this style of visionary leadership for our community more than ever. Please join me in supporting Bill Cole for Mayor.
— John Brewer